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  • Tony Brown interviews Dr. Hulda Clark (Part 2 of 3) – 5/13/2000

    December 16th, 2015Healthy Choices

    Published on May 13, 2013
    I just released part 2 of 3 concerning the interview between Tony Brown and the late Dr. Hulda Clark which was recorded back in the year 2000. While Dr. Clark finally passed away, this does not demean her work to help people improve their health and address the root causes of diseases by addressing toxins and parasites in our food system. In truth, age is controlled more by the DNA, than our environment. However, while you are aging, no one says you have to die sick from environmental pathogens and the toxins man is putting into his food supply, water, beverages and the air we breath. All of us stand to benefit from Dr. Clark’s work.

    Many doctors now use her approach in their practice which is helping people with chronic health issues know improved health and even restored health given western medicine seldom addresses anything more than viruses and bacteria when it comes to the parasite issues that get into our body. Even all our domestic animals are treated for parasite infestation, but man is never treated for this problem. Our great grandparents knew how to address all of this through herbs and other means to help keep themselves well and their animals.

    Remember most of our great grandparents were farmers who made what American became and the other civilized nations of the world. However, man has gotten lost along the way with all his pride and technology. We need to be reminded of the age old issues medicine faced back at the beginning of the 20th Century. Even in 1916 sharks were though to be harmless, that is until the first human victim got hit by a great white shark and it was recorded. Then scientists changed their tune about sharks. Same was true with washing the hands before touching a patient to keep the spreading of germs. Little by little American medicine was growing and learning, but often at the expense of people dying as guinea pigs to the cause which still goes on today for the sake of the money and politics.

    While all the healing arts, even western medicine have something to contribute that helps the body get well, the system world wide is very disconnected. You ever get hit with really serious health issues like I got hit with and you will find out the hard way just how much you are on your own when you get hit, especially if can’t work anymore and something as simple as flukes or parasitic worms is making a monkey’s uncle out of your western doctors like what happened to me.

    So enjoy Part 2 of this 3 part interview.

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