How To Cure Cancer.. How To Cure Cancer… Many Say We Are Cancer Killers. We Can Cure Cancer With Diet, DeStress, Exercise, Alternative Methods, & Medicines.
  • Some of my thoughts on CANCER…

    May 29th, 2014Healthy Choices


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    Some of my thoughts on CANCER…

    Cancer has increased over the years. We need to take a look at what things are we doing differently.

    My observations on the research I’ve done is it can start with the mind. Our minds are so powerful that we can create and manifest things in our body. We have got to start thinking outside the box with the way we perceive cancer and many other diseases.

    How can YOU be contributing to your own disease? We must accept responsibility for that first. Is it something that I may be doing? Don’t just treat the symptom treat the cause as well.

    Stress, Diet, and Toxins play major roles in CANCER>>>>>

    And stress doesn’t have to be major stress, it can be low level stress, that’s why it is important to remove people, places, and things, that bring stress to you, if possible.

    If you are constantly in a stressful state your body can not repair itself.

    You can be thinking about things that are creating stress in your body. What’s on your mind? What’s in your heart; is it bitter or sweet? Do you ever rest, take a break, enjoy the day, or are you constantly on the run, doing for others, never taking a moment to enjoy your life, not theirs.

    Certain emotions create stress in your body. Is it really hard to guess which ones? Anger, Bitterness, Anxiety, Despair, Hopelessness, just to name a few and the list goes on. Write them down for yourself and see what type of stress you could be adding to your own body.

    If you have found out you have cancer take a look at your life, don’t just look at the cancer look at YOU…

    Next Diet. Have you ever heard of the saying you are what you eat. Well I sure have.

    If your diet consist of nothing but junk, fast food, processed foods, then what are you really expecting those food to do for and do in YOUR body… hhhmmmm.

    Not anything good. Do your research there is plenty out there. And I do believe there are many cures for cancer. And there are many testimonials out there but if your not willing to take a look at them, then they are useless to you. What things are you missing from your diet? I’ve found by some of the people and Drs. I have researched we are missing key minerals that need to be replaced DAILY. So everyday you are using and never replacing. Sounds like a recipe for disaster waiting.

    Toxins, that can go in line with your foods as well. Some of your foods produce toxins in your body. We are a society of products, what can some of those products with poisons be doing in our bodies? No one is really going to tell you the truth, most companies are all about making money. Fertilizers, Pesticides, Perms, Sprays, Paints, and the list never ends, some of these things could be producing harmful effects in your body. Take a look at what can be a toxin and how you might be putting it into your system.

    Don’t be so quick to go get a quick fix; that may kill you. Do some research and reevaluate your life. And be honest with yourself, being in denial or not addressing something that you know could be contributing to your illness is not going to help you.

    Be open and take a look at all of the evidence out there.

    Here are some folks that I have listened to and read up on that have some great information: And most of these people are experts in their fields of study. So if you use all of their knowledge then you can become an expert for yourself. Use all of them.

    Dr Joel Wallach = Minerals.

    Dr. Sebi = Natural Herbalist

    Dr. Afrika = Holistic Health & Nutrition

    Bruce Lipton PHD.= Science & Spirit

    Dr Robert Beck = Research Physicist

    Max Gerson = Physician

    think positive



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