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  • Rethinking Cancer: Bone and Lymph Cancer

    December 3rd, 2013Healthy Choices

    Rethinking Cancer: Bone and Lymph Cancer

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    In the early 1970s, mechanical engineer and classical guitarist Lou Dina was diagnosed with bone cancer in his wrist which had also spread to his lymphatic system. Following conventional doctors orders, Dina received traditional radiation and one treatment of chemo before his methodical engineers mind led him to seek out possible alternatives. His detailed search eventually led him to a F.A.C.T. convention, where he was more impressed by the stories of recovered patients than the opinions put forth by his doctor. The convention led him to the nutrition, body cleansing and pancreatic enzyme supplement plan created by Dr. William Kelley, a dentist who had cured himself of pancreatic cancer. When Dina brought up the possibility of following this protocol to his oncologist, they entered into an hours long debate about the merits and minuses, ending with the doctors confession that he had lost his mother and sister to the disease. With F.A.C.T. founder Ruth Sackmans personal guidance, Dina chose to follow the Kelley program. Within a couple of months, he took tests which showed a decrease in cancer activity. With time, Dinas wrist recovered and he began to again play classical guitar and be a strong patient advocate, by appearing at F.A.C.T. conventions and authoring a book on his own healing experience.

    Now living in Birmingham, Alabama, Dina has been cancer-free for over 30 years.

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