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  • Mineral Deficiencies – Causes & Effects

    January 6th, 2014Healthy Choices

    Published on May 13, 2012

    David Ewens discusses the causes of mineral deficiencies and details the most effective & Bio-available (absorbable) minerals to use as the basis for health.

    He also covers the little-known fact that rock derived Elemental minerals/metals (iron,zinc, etc) that are commonly used in supplements & mineral water are actually dangerous to the body.

    There are approx 72 Minerals that are essential for fundamental health processes. Without them, the bodily functions can start to go out of balance.
    All dis-ease begins with mineral deficiency.

    These particular mineral bases from Neyharting moor are the best products i have come across. Plus the Neways International product called Feroxin. Message for details.…

    NB – (Last line should read – “Fermented soy is ok in small amounts”.)

    May need to listen to the presentation a few times to absorb all the information.

    Fair use 104 – Education purposes only – Please refer to a qualified Naturopath for further advice.

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