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  • GMO OMG documentary on Chemical Food Conspiracy w/ Jeremy Seifert

    November 24th, 2014Healthy Choices

    GMO OMG documentary on Chemical Food Conspiracy w/ Jeremy Seifert



    Published on Oct 2, 2013

    GMO OMG is the documentary about GMO foods and the truth about the food industry.

    And filmmaker Jeremy Seifert chronicles his story as a dad on a mission to uncover the truth about
    about genetically modified foods and how the loss of seed diversity and laboratory assisted genetic alteration of food affects his young children, the health of our planet, and freedom of choice everywhere. Clips and stories from the film are shared with Ondi Timoner of BYOD.

    In 2010, Jeremy completed his debut film, DIVE!, Living Off America’s Waste. Initially made with a $200 budget, a borrowed camera, and a lot of heart, DIVE! went on to win 22 film festivals worldwide. In 2010 with the release of DIVE!, Jeremy began the production company, Compeller Pictures. He is now a filmmaker and activist, traveling the country and speaking on humanitarian and environmental issues. Jeremy’s second film, GMO OMG, tells the hidden story of the take over of our food supply by giant chemical companies, an agricultural crisis that has grown into a cultural crisis.

    BYOD Full Episodes Playlist:…
    BYOD Short Clips Playlist:………

    00:01 Welcome to BYOD.
    00:25 Introducing Jeremy Seifert.
    01:40 An extremely contentious issue and debate.
    03:00 GMO OMG, clip: GMO studies on lab mice.
    06:09 Lab rats, tumors and cancer.
    08:32 Super insects resistant to Roundup.
    10:20 GMOs and the brand new menace to society.
    13:20 Monsanto sells seeds to Haiti.
    18:35 Lobbyists and political influence from the chemical food industry.
    20:16 Inspiration from the children.
    24:47 Buying and eating organic.
    26:00 GMO OMG, clip: feeding kids.
    26:55 Defining organic, and the trouble with introducing GMOs.
    32:25 GMO OMG, clip: The rise of GMOs.
    34:50 Making an unorthodox documentary about a new issue.
    38:00 Mumford and Sons contribute to the soundtrack.
    41:05 What about Obama?
    44:45 The myth of needing GMOs to feed the world.
    47:12 GMO OMG, clip: Farmers.
    50:43 The anti-labelling industry.
    54:39 Activism and awakening people.

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