How To Cure Cancer.. How To Cure Cancer… Many Say We Are Cancer Killers. We Can Cure Cancer With Diet, DeStress, Exercise, Alternative Methods, & Medicines.
  • Dr. Joel Wallach – The Best of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie

    November 26th, 2013Healthy Choices


    Dr. Joel Wallach – The Best of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie

    Uploaded on Aug 17, 2011

    For Optimal Health We Need, 60 Minerals, 16 Vitamins, 12 Amino Acids, 3 Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3 & 6 are essential) Lack of these essential nutrients weakens the body’s ability to rebuild itself and increases the potential for 900 Nutritional Deficiency Diseases.

    Order of Lecture:
    1. Veterinary health care
    2. America’s longevity (4:25)
    3. Dead doctors don’t lie (8:01)
    4. Age beating conditions (11:44)
    5. Salt & high blood pressure (17:31)
    6. Cholesterol & heart disease (20:50)
    7. Arthritis & osteoporosis (23:10)
    8. Early warning signs (27:43)
    9. Copper & aneurysms (31:25)
    10. Athletes (35:22)
    11. Calcium (37:30)
    12. Essential nutrition (40:41)
    13. Joint injuries (45:01)
    14. Athletes (46:27)
    15. Arthritis (48:56)
    16. Bone spurs/osteoporosis (51:24)
    17. Cancer (51:55)
    18. Diabetes (55:28)
    19. Alzheimer’s/cholesterol (57:13)
    20. ADD/ADHD (59:39)
    21. Pregnancy/birth defects (1:02:24)
    22. Asthma/ allergies (1:04:29)
    23. Safety of supplements (1:08:14)
    24. Fibromyalgia (1:09:25)
    25. Infant formulas (1:10:52)

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  • Hello,

    My mother had breast cancer and now ovarian cancer. Seems like her cancer always comes back. She does not know what to do other than take chemo treatment. The treatment is affecting her lungs and breathing. Is there a way to stop this because she keeps going to the ER all the time. To be honest, I think she had all the chemo treatments, even radiation but it is stillnot helping.

    I am getti g scared somethi g will happen. Is there a way to stop this?


    • I would do some more research take a look at this book found here…, also take a look at her life is she under a lot of stress, what is she eating, take a look at stress, toxins, and diet. We think stress as being an emergency situation but any amount of stress can cause our bodies to react and get out of harmony.

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